Brunette Ambitions

Spent the morning with the lovely Tara of Brunette Ambitions and had fun playing!  You know when your work is more fun than it is work, you are doing something right.

Menasco Family

Amber is one of the most generous, kind, fun, loving people in this world, and I am so blessed to have her as a best friend.  Photographing her family was a breeze, and so fun.  They were so photogenic--I mean how gorgeous are those three little girls?  And Dad was a trooper through it all.  You guys all worked the camera!  Thanks for playing with me!

Phalen Family

I don't think this little family could be any cuter. Their little boy was a riot and so fun to work with, and their sweet little girl, though a little timid about the whole situation snuck in some good grins for me. I especially love the one where she's grinning back at me while her family is walking a way. What a cutie! So fun to play with you all!

Derek, Jen and Lucas

This family is one of my favorites. Lucas is the sweetest little boy, and you can tell just by watching them for a few minutes how much he is loved.  A backdrop of Derek's childhood family farm was perfect for this family mini session shoot.

Fashion Blogger-Brunette Ambitions Shoot

One of the fun things about being a photographer are the opportunities to explore all realms of subjects and photo work. Shooting for a fashion blogger was a new one for sure, and so much fun!  Tara of the new fashion blog Brunette Ambitions made my job so easy.  She worked it for the camera. Don't you totally agree?  Natural model.

If you are a blogger and are interested in working with me, don't hesitate to click on that little "contact" link.  I would be over-the-moon happy to do more of this!